Another Day - Another Ruin

We have had a drive round a different area today up in the mountains inland from Murcia.  Contrasting scenery set against the dark blue sky.  Amidst the mountains there were vast tracts of land with, apparently, dead trees; they are in fact miles and miles of almond trees which burst into life later in the spring.  We also came across several quarries with straight. smooth sides - it looks as if the marble (poor quality) has been cut out of the hill with a giant saw.  All this must provide considerable employment, as the town we passed through looked prosperous - not a ruin in sight.

However, outside of this I came across several worthy of further investigation.  I imagine that life out of a town becomes difficult and workers move away from desolation into a community especially as transport is much easier these days.

This ruin was a few miles from the town and completely fallen down.  the almond trees surrounded it and a very old cactus plant (extra) looked transparent as if wrapped in a net.  Home tomorrow evening.

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