The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Last Visit

I think this is the last time I'll be visiting the lake house. I went by this morning to let in the Clean Crawls fellows for their last task with regard to the rats. Their comrade had pronounced the place free of rats just a day or two ago. Today they came to blow in new insulation. So the house is now ready for the new owners. We've done all we had planned.

There were cool shadows caused by the little table and benches that Jane had used to "stage" the house so I took a bunch of photos. I used Topaz Studio to fiddle and create this seeming drawing from one of the photos.

I went home and later returned to town to attend a support group meeting. There were lots of new folks today and I hope I was able to provide support and help some of them. I am feeling very good lately and wanted to share my good fortune with the folks still on the journey with their loved ones with dementia. 

Tomorrow I was planning to start my new exercise program but have decided to take a day off instead. Yes. I promise. I will get to it. But this week has been a very busy one and I could use a quiet sleep in kind of day. So I'm going to have one. 

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