I went to Doncaster this morning to collect granddaughter from school, feed her lunch and then deliver her to afternoon Nursery.

The journey didn’t get off to a good start as it was raining heavily and there had been an accident on the A1 just near the village and all the local roads were clogged up with traffic trying to escape the jam. I made a detour towards Tadcaster and joined the A64 which delivered me to the A1 just south of the accident! Still slow going all the way and I arrived with just 15 minutes to spare!

After getting back from nursery I collected their two dogs - they are staying with us for a long weekend as the family are off to Disneyland Paris for a few days on Thursday.

It was very noisy in the car on the way back - barking and whining all the way! Much excitement when we got back and I just tipped them all (including Finlay) out into the garden to let off steam.

I have been out for a walk with all three of them which is when I got my blip shot - not an easy job and I may have to do walks in shifts to save my arms. We were out for an hour and now they are all asleep. I wish I could join them but I have tea to prep and cook yet!

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