White out

The promised bigger dump of snow arrived today, although a lot of it should be gone in a couple of days as it warmed up later in the afternoon and started raining. It's due to rain all night. Could be a bit of a mess in the morning...

After an annoying morning with the Finnair website buggering me around and some antisocial person who had used the washing machine we had booked (at least there was another one available when I went down), I went off to my Pilates class telling Mr A that if he wasn't there when I came out I would simply make my way to Regatta on my own and leave him behind. He duly was. We ploughed through the deepest snow I've seen in a city for many a year through to Regatta for coffee, then up the hill to the Sibelius monument and round back home again. In places, we were setting our own trail through snow about a foot deep because of drifting, although in other places the snow had been blown off, or the snow clearers had been out and about making paths. Photographs were taken, unsurprisingly, on my phone. It was a pretty invigorating walk, not least because the snow at its best had that lovely light icing sugar 'feel' to it, and we were glad we'd done it, because it will be ages before Mr A can go to Regatta again. He'll be missing it!

Back home to plough on with various things.

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