Three bridges

Today completed the month of rapid climatic change. Equatorial, to tropical, to subarctic, to arctic, back to subarctic. And now to Edinburgh which was basking in remarkably springlike sunshine today when we arrived, offering an excellent view of the three bridges out of the right hand side of the plane.

More particularly, it's been a drastic couple of days in terms of weather change (see, I can distinguish between climate and weather), from -10C on Tuesday, through a snowstorm on Wednesday, to rain overnight, which was still torrential when we left this morning, to the sunshine, relative warmth (at least when the sun was shining) and green of Edinburgh. Most of the snow in Helsinki was already melting away in the pouring rain when we drove through the early morning streets to the airport, and it looked absolutely disgusting outside with piles of grey slush everywhere. Ugh. Happy to be missing the big melt.

It's strange to be back here. Neither of us quite knows where 'home' is at the moment, but it is certainly really nice to be here in the flat, which I have been missing a bit in the last few weeks. This visit was initially scheduled as I had an appointment regarding my knee (the one that was operated), but this has been cancelled on the grounds that they no longer see the point of such follow up appointments in the era of successful joint replacement surgery. I can see the point, but it deprives me of the opportunity for a wee bit of gloating about just how successful it's been for me. Luckily, we scheduled a whole heap of other things around this one commitment, so obviously we have still gone ahead with the scheduled trip back to Edinburgh. Tomorrow will see us busy chasing around running various errands and completing bits of life laundry, but one thing was already  accomplished today. Namely we got the car was started (first time) (we detached the battery leads) and it was taken for a much needed wash. I need to dig out the code for the radio, though. We also went to the supermarket where I marvelled at how cheap everything was ;-)

If we can find the time, we might even be able to make an excursion over the new bridge.

Update: ooh look, two bridges in 2012.

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