By Veronica

On the beach

The sun was shining when I woke this morning! I'm still feeling rubbish, but I felt I had to get out, especially as I haven't done this month's AYWMC homework yet. So I glugged down some Benylin and headed to the beach, aiming for a minimalist seascape. Unfortunately there were no clouds, and it was so bright that I couldn't do any long exposures. Here's my favourite hut, on the Plage des Chalets. My homework was mono and I quite liked the result (see extra) but decided on a cheery colour version for my blip.

Despite appearances, it was cold and windy and I was rapidly exhausting my supply of paper hankies, so after a pootle round the lagoon to look at flamingos, I headed back home for hot soup and a roll, arriving in time to rescue Mystère from a threatened confrontation with Evil Neighbour Cat. 

S got back surprisingly early, before 5 pm -- there was so much fresh snow that the walk was going to take much longer than planned, and they were all knackered by mid-afternoon! Even in snowshoes they were sinking in halfway to their knees and had to take turns leading, like cyclists in a headwind.

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