Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Don't let that reflection blind you!!

I set out with G today and went on to Knowledge Village to finish something we started in December. I was dreading to think what the day would be like, with everything that had happened the week before we left on holiday. It was horrendous.

It was incredible then that not only did I get everything done this morning, it was extremely smooth and I finished in an hour; and to top it all, they even let me have photocopies for free. Amazing! I so wish I hadn't forgotten my laptop at home, but it gave me the chance to sit by the seaside and enjoy the weather.

I then reckoned I could get another job finished which is to renew the P O Box. For some reason, their website is not functioning properly, so I can't do this simple thing online. Well, after the efficiency of the morning, I couldn't believe I had to wait nearly 40 minutes for my number to be called up. That wasn't so bad; there was a gentleman sitting next to me who waited almost the same time just to buy a stamp to post a letter. Smart city? I don't think so!

Back to the beach to wait for G to finish. We stopped off at Pizza Express for lunch and then enjoyed a few hours before going to the Bible study. And finally, I called in at the pharmacy to get a new cough syrup. Argh. On the whole, it's been a good day.

PS. Another picture taken by G from a moving car...

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