On the beach

Today started off badly and got quickly worse. By mid-afternoon it was dark and raining and I thought I would find a Blip while out on an errand, but the picture I took of a car on a roof didn't really work out. I've added that as an extra.

It seemed a nice afternoon to sit on the beach with a newspaper, but when I got there I realised that I didn't have a newspaper, so bang! went that idea! I had to be content with turning the car sideways to the wind and rain and taking a picture out of the window. I still haven't worked out why there was nobody else on the beach - maybe there's shortage of newspapers today.

I've just discovered by clicking on the 'Ganavan' tag, that by sheer chance, not only was the only other 'Ganavan' Blip mine, but it was posted on 30th January 2017! How's that for a coincidence! 

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