Worra lorra snow!

Our snow-clearing neighbour arrived around 10 this morning, cleared about half of the heaps on the previously-known-as-path. Then went home.????

It turned out to be due to the slipping and sliding he was experiencing (the ice under the massive heaps of snow), combined with the fact that he had already spent 2 hours stuck this morning. Wimp.

It meant we had well over 3 hours of serious digging to get out from the house... and to clear the cars of snow, incase we wanted to drive into town to attend a concert evening in the cathedral. We were utterly whacked after all that digging so the concert is off! In which case we could have left the vehicles in the snow drift to be honest.

Anyhow, it is all good clean fun and the muscles that are not torn to shreds are no doubt getting nice and strong! Keith is standing at the entrance to the "ravine" that leads to the front door. It took an hour to dig out the drift and cart the snow away, plus make the narrowest of paths through the thinnest bit of the drift. It's snow of "biblical proportions", but I can't remember any snow being mentioned in the bible...

The rest of the time was spent digging out cars and trying to think what to do with all the snow, the walls of snow left by the big tractor are so high there's no way I can chuck snow over them... so we have to improvise a ramp that leads to the edge of the parking space. There used to be a drop there anyhow. It's now full of snow.

We ended the day's activities with a "bashing down the snow" climb up to Betty's to make sure the heat exchanger was still working and wasn't clogged with snow. All was well, and I dug out the Mock Orange tree that had more or less disappeared under snow. The little electric lights led me there. That took an hour or so... good job we have nothing to do all day except please ourselves!

It's so extraordinary, so overwhelmingly white, so very beautiful and so humbling. we are tiny in the face of raw nature. And in my case, very very grateful to have a house with a sturdy roof! The cellar will have to wait for another day, and some more energy!

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