By misswinterfinch

Power Play

{another cat blip}
This is not my cat but Miss Maggie a rescue of my friend.
At my birthday last night at my friend's house I noticed that Maggie jumped off the recliner she usually possess. Actually it is my friend's chair but Maggie holds it for her until she get my friend to sit down with her.
Anyway, there Maggie was curled up and sleeping on the old black Lab, Angie's, nice new mattress that lays behind the recliner. I woke her to get this blip with a flash)
Dinner was done and Angie's chances for any other scraps ended too. So she wanted to go to bed.
Alas, there was this small cat hoarding her new bed. Angie fretted and paced around not knowing what to do. She was terrified to go and lie down with Maggie or shove her off. 'Maggie Rulz'
Since coming to live at this new home a year ago she has dominated the humans into submission and now she is working on the dear old family dog.
My friend then opened her bedroom door and invited Angie to come inside and sleep on her other bed.
Angie gave a sigh of relief and trotted off to bed.
Love Live Queen Maggie!

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