Do you recognise this? It was taken more or less diagonally across from this. Clearly a lot of work was done to bring Senate Square into play as the venue for a protest rally given how much snow had fallen (at least 25 cms). Elsewhere in the Square there was a huge pile of snow on which banners had been planted, like a hillock. The protest rally, which might have been even better attended if it were not for the fact that the local transport was more or less all on strike thus making it hard for people to get there, was about labour market activation measures which are controversial in Finland but which are mild compared to those applied to those on out-of-work benefits in the UK.

As a result of the strike, I had to walk into the city and back again, returning via a lovely concert by two Japanese women of chamber music, chosen by reference to inspirations drawing on Japanese literature. Yet another little gem at Arkadia, our local international bookshop.

Apart from that, and speaking at a career development event this morning, I've been puzzling over a paper. I've got the beginning. And I know what the substance will be. I'm missing a link. It'll occur to me overnight, I'm sure, and I've lots of time for writing over the weekend, what with being a kitchen widow.

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