It's snowing....

....and it's blowing! But it's also lovely! Tom came with me and we (carefully) drove to the park, as the roads are really slippery! It always amazes me to see so many other people out and about in bad weather--there were a couple joggers, several people just strolling around with their dogs, and a young woman who was working with her dog--the dog appearing to be delighted to leap in the air on command, roll in the snow, and come for treats in between commands. I've posted two pictures in the extras--one of the woman with her alert dog, and one of a forlorn looking swing set....I liked them both.  
We're staying in the rest of the day, and will have birthday cake later this eve. (it's Tom's birthday). We'll also be watching the Super Bowl. Sorry to all the Patriot fans, but I'm hoping the Eagles soar over them for a win!! :))

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