Journey Through Time

By Sue

Autumn Reflections

Bill took me to Lake Sacajawea Park, in Longview, WA today. Oh, my. Well, first of all...we are a bit early for the full on fall display, but it was such a lovely, warm day we went anyway, in case the weather turns sour and we never make it back. Last year's trip was on Nov. 3 and it was so alive with color. This is a beautiful man-made lake and park in the city of Longview and it is pretty no matter what day you go there, fall color or no fall color. We went to the Japanese garden area and I saw this tree bending low over the water, reflecting the colors of the tree and I thought...Wow! This is outstanding. So, I decided to show you this image. I do hope you pop over to My Flickr page to see the rest of my images. We have the lake, fountains, lots of trees, a blue heron, a white goose, a belted kingfisher...a first for us, although he was across the lake on an island and, actually, considering how far away he was from us, it's not that bad.

And I gotta say this: To any and all blippers who live in the area. If you can, on a somewhat decent day before the leaves are gone, leave early and go to this park. Walk around, take some photos. Bring a picnic, or find a place for lunch after you do that. Then, head to Woodland and take the short trip to Cedar Creek Grist Mill (directions are on line) to see that lovely spot. Then after that you can swing into Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge on the Auto Route and do the 4 mile trip to see what you can see there. That would be a perfect day in N. Clark County, Washington. I should work for the Chamber of Commerce!

Speaking of Ducks (as we were earlier) the University of Oregon "Ducks" has a power house of a (American) football team and they are currently whipping the socks off of Arizona State. Maybe it's the spiffy uniforms this team gets to wear. Phil Knight ( uber rich founder and owner of Nike) is a proud U of O alumnus, and he makes sure this team has anything it's little heart desires. And then some. Each game it seems the team sports a new uniform and helmet. It might be to off set the fact that the mascot is a duck, and a dead ringer for Donald Duck....But everyone here, who is a Duck fan, doesn't care and is used to our Duck.

I am done blathering on. Hope it's beautiful in your corner of the Universe. See ya later. Oh gosh, hope they fix this soon. Painfully slow.

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