Snowdrop Pentaptych

When I read this week's experimental challenge from Markus Hediger of creating a collage, I realised that collages were something I'd not really investigated and, indeed, didn't know how to create one! Wanting to do so in Lightroom, I spent some time in YouTube finding out how......

I know this isn't really what Markus had in mind because it's one image in five parts, rather than several different images on a connecting theme, but one thing led to another and this is what I've enjoyed creating for today -  I'll perhaps do one that properly fits the challenge later in the week! I think you may have started something here, Markus! :)

As for the day - a usual Monday - coffee with friends, a few photos of snowdrops whilst they are still around - 'stuff' at home and camera club this evening. I like Mondays!

I'm so pleased you liked yesterday's New Forest Sunset - thank you so much for all the great comments, stars and hearts!

Ann :))

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