February gorse

A 'happening' sort of day! 

MrM and I were up early, in anticipation of the electrician who was supposed to start work on our electrics at the end of December. And, wonders will never cease, he and a colleague actually turned up and did quite a lot of the necessary work. They're "doing a kitchen" tomorrow, though, and will probably be back on Thursday or Friday. Fingers crossed! But, hey,  we now have a light switch in our bedroom, and a two-way switch for the lights on the stairs - definite improvements.

Two other things should improve shortly too! Arranged for the guy who cleans most of the windows in the town to clean ours as well. We'll be able to see out! And after almost three years with a door bell that works only when it feels like it, the new one has arrived. Hopefully it will be much more reliable, and we won't miss visitors or the post person.

In the absence of electricity (and use of the computer) for long periods, I started sorting through the files and folders in the spare room. At last! Shredder has been in use, and the re-cycling bin is filling up. De-cluttering (and letting go of the past) feels very positive...

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