Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

1201. New Ringflash

I haven't actually bought this yet...but my local photo shop (which is up for sale at the moment :( ) said I should take it, try it out and only pay for it if I was sure that I would use I've now got it home and intend to try it out tomorrow with some macro stuff.   I'm not sure that the instructions are all that helpful but I think I have an idea how to change settings on it...but I will no doubt find out tomorrow....

I've wanted a ring flash for ages as I'm sort of convinced it will improve my macro photos...not sure how realistic that is but I'm willing to give it a go...if I do decide to keep it hubby has agreed to pay half of it for my birthday as with everything photographic it's an expensive toy and one which I have to be sure that I will actually use...a lot....

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