Supervisor of the bride

I was just wondering what to blip today when on the doormat I found the envelope that contained this card. Perfect!

The wording made me chuckle. I wonder if there is a market big enough for Hallmark et al to manufacture such stationery en masse?

Inside the card LyndseyJ thanked us for our wedding present. We gave her gift vultures vouchers and a picture of Lindisfarne Priory that was painted by my father (see the extra), and framed with the help of my friend Tzippi.

Breast cancer diagnosis episode 3: I attended the recall appointment at the screening centre today. Over the course of four and a half hours more mammograms were taken, and then samples extracted from my left breast in a biopsy procedure. I left knowing that on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 means 'You definitely don't have cancer' and 5 means 'You definitely do', I was estimated to be 4+. The next episode is on 14th February.

Exercise today: walking (15,085 steps)

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