Plus ça change...

By SooB

Miam miam*

It's been a while... but I'm back! A sort of half-unintentional blip-break, inspired by lack of inspiration, lack of anything to write (I know I know, when has any of that ever stopped me before?) and a bit of being busier than I know how to be.

So here's some chocolates to say sorry for being rubbish.

Actually, they are for Katherine's teacher, whose birthday it is tomorrow (the same day as Doggy, Conor's top toy, though we didn't tell her that). In a sort of swaps deal, Katherine helped Conor with the poem that we realised in a big panic yesterday evening that he had to learn for this afternoon, and I made sweeties for her teacher. Conor got full marks for his poem, and Katherine's teacher took me into her office to thank me in particularly fullsome tones. I think she was a bit close to tears. I mean, Katherine said she liked chocolate and hazelnuts - but I didn't realise quite how much. So, a successful bit of teamwork all round.

Teamwork was needed all day today as this morning I woke with agonisingly swollen hands and wrists. A check on-line (I know I shouldn't, but it's irresistible) has me convinced I have rheumatoid arthritis. Anyway, it was agony and still hurts this evening, though I can at least get my rings off now - being unable to always makes me feel a bit claustrophobic. I am also now able to pick things up, which is suprisingly helpful for life in general. Nearly had a tearful moment this morning looking at my cup of tea but unable to pick it up to drink it...

Mr B is back from London tonight so I'd best go and get his supper on. A busy sporting weekend is planned, with hopefully a little lazing around too. And maybe some blip catch-up....

*yum yum in French. I'm currently charmed that my kids say this. I'm sure it'll wear off.

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