Here and Now

By Mole

Flower Power

Thank goodness I saw some fresh flowers at Miles Farmers Market for today’s blip. I acquired a cold somehow - almost made it through the winter spared. But noooo...

Elaine rides into town next to Peter on the horse drawn carriage where she sells her fancy colorful custom-made shoes. Silver coins are dropped into her purple velvet bag, the gold string pulled closed. The heavy bag is hidden in her white fur muff and she walks back out to the carriage.After settling under the horse blanket again, Peter sheepishly hands her a bouquet of flowers.

“Miss Elaine, I think you’re very brave and I will miss you. I have loved you since we were children. When you return, I’d like to marry you, if you’ll have me. You don’t have to promise me anything now.”

“Peter, you know you have always been my most trusted friend and I have more fun with you than anyone. I have always loved you too. But I must defer my decision until I return. I will be thinking about it, and will carry this rose wherever I go.”

They returned to Elaine’s home where her family was waiting sadly to send her off. Her father stepped forward, with a lump in his throat, and simply hugged her; hugged her hard and withdrew.

Elaine’s mother brushed the black curls off Elaine’s cheek, kissed her, and held her briefly until the tears began to flow.

Granmama, standing erect, took one step forward to embrace her granddaughter. In her ear she whispered, “I am so proud of you my Dear. Godspeed and remember, Know Thyself.”

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