Drive by snap

I rather liked this van’s messaging. As we couldn’t get away with holding up the morning rush hour traffic - even for Blip - I had to make do with a quick snap.

It was the last day of work for me ahead of my half term off with Leo. It is just as well as I felt whacked all day long, so it may well be a very lazy half term.

Leo was happy to come home from school with a silver award for getting his 50 house points. And he was even happier that other than writing a 500 word story for the Radio 2 competition, he has no other homework.

It’ll be a soccer filled Saturday. Cully Rangers are due to play for the first time this year - all the other games have been cancelled so far, thanks to the weather. I don’t think my rain dancing skills are up to summoning up a deluge before tomorrow so best be prepared to wrap out and chill out on the touchline. Then in the afternoon the Grecians take on Wymcombe Wanderers.

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