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By Damnonii

A magic tractor...

Backblipped 09/02/18

It turned into a field!  hahahahaha.....I'll get my coat :-))

Adrian and Agnes arrived just after 2pm.  Adrian's had a tough time recently having been hospitalised with an inflamed and infected gallbladder.  IV antibiotics and morphine for five days managed to get him over this acute episode and he will be recalled once he's stronger to go back in and have his gallbladder removed.  

He'd been on a get fit kick before this happened and had lost a stone and a half in weight.  His stay in hospital say him lose another half stone so the irony was that despite still feeling a bit weak and not 100%, he was looking fantastic!  

Lola was really happy to see them both and was a bit hyper but to our surprise, soon settled down and reverted to being the well behaved puppy she is when it's just the three of us.  

We headed to Gloagburn for a late but light lunch and I even managed to walk back through the farm shop without buying anything.  I think that's a first! 

Back home and I opened my birthday present from them (it's late as the weekend of my birthday is the weekend poor Adrian was whipped into hospital.)  They gave me a beautiful black leather handbag, Prosecco, and Crabtree and Evelyn Freesia hand cream.  Very welcome as the cold weather and central heating have mad my hands very dry.  Emily (my God-daughter got me a lovely necklace.  I felt very spoiled.

Dinner was an easy affair as none of us wanted a starter and I already had the Italian Beef in red wine cooking in the oven.  Just the veg to make.  And as we are all being good, we had crepes with strawberries and  blueberries, greek yogurt and a little drizzle of honey.

It was lovely to catch up with them.

PS We all got mega excited in the car coming home from Gloagburn when we realised it was almost 5pm and it was still daylight! 

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