Sakala Safari

By sakalasafari

Completely Fine!

Not a good blip day today!
We had a really good lunch time in school today talking to our girls about the power of our words. They just got chatting about their experiences and we found before we knew it, it was a couple of minutes to the bell! Ellie used a spool of thread to tie in to it - it went down well. Although, I then spent the afternoon in the office trying to unravel it and then used that as an excuse to not do any more work on my essay :-/

A quick cuddle and a snog with Caty G and her momma as I was leaving to catch the bus home. Always a highlight no matter the timeframe.

Then the remainder of the afternoon got better with a video call with Sweet Sue and Esneya which lasted an hour! Just nattering about all sorts!

Dinner was spinach, roasted sweet potatoes and peppers, halloumi and coriander salad in a sweet chilli, oil and lemon dressing!

My entry for EP13. My dinner and my book. Not a great picture. Better luck tomorrow!

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