An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

A bit wilted...

That's the flower I'm talking about :-)

I was really looking forward to Linda coming this afternoon to cut my hair but she's loaded with the cold so that's been put back till Monday.  David nipped out to the barber and got his cut so I was very jealous :-)

Emma, a local dog walker, came to have a chat about taking Lola out for one of her two daily walks, twice a week.  Now that spring is coming golf will be back on David's agenda so don't want Lola to miss one of her walks on golf days.  Emma also looks after dogs in her own home and we have a couple of weekends away planned and would be happier leaving her with a doggy boarder than in kennels.  By walking Lola twice a week they will get to know each other and make boarding more fun for both of them.  Well that's the theory.

I almost blipped the photo of Lola in extras (this was her this afternoon giving me the please close the laptop and play with me look that I can't resist) but it's been so long since I took part in any of the blip challenges, I thought I would go with the floppy flower instead for Flower Friday.  Thanks Biker Bear for hosting :-)

PS My copy of Kate Bush 40th Anniversary Edition magazine arrived today.  Stealing a word from Kate - wow!  

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