By Bella888

AFCB Bournemouth v Huddersfield (cheer up Eddie)

Went for walk on the beach, in bright sun, blue skies. But did anyone mention the cold strong wind? So changed direction, into town and G then reminded me of the match, on at 12.

Could’ve watched at home, but despite G’s protests, I won and pub it was. A quick search on the iPhone and see being shown at Yates. So did 20mns of my 30mn exercise target rushing there. Expected an inebriated set of yobs, but no, relaxed, with plenty of seating.

£7:95 for Sunday Roast* with a pint - OK no Aspalls - but Strongbows will do (*incl. veggie option).

OK, never getting a Michelin star, but really quite acceptable. I then stuffed myself with an Apple Crumble with toffee sauce and custard £2:45 - better than some gastropubs and their crumbles which aren’t (a few roasted oats masquerading as crumble) and now cost something stupid like £7:95). And service with a smile 10/10

So here I am reporting on lunch, when it should be about the match. Match, what match, a slaughter. 4:1 to the hosts. And so AFCB’s unbeaten 7 match streak came to a sad end. And Huddersfield’s 5 game losing streak was over. (That’s Eddie Howe, the fabulous AFCB Manager on the screen)

Up the Cherries anyway, we’re still 10th in league. (And well done The Blues)

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