The Results are in....

After the excitement of the preliminary round of the Olympic  "Snow Tunneling" event on February 10th., I know you've all been on the edge of your seats to see the final!  Due to various time differences throughout the world, you won't be able to view it live, but we have all the highlights here!! 
It came down to the final run of the U.S. Squirrel teams' Skippy, who had the second fastest time in the early qualifying rounds. Going into today's final, skippy trailed by a mere .05 seconds, and needed to have the tunnel of his life! (This being Valentine's Day, he dedicated this run to his long time "squirrel-friend", Nuttie!)  He got off to a great start, tunneling through the first part of the course with unerring accuracy, bursting out at exactly the right spot: the start of the grueling snow drift climb, a vertical climb of almost 4 feet,  & one that was the downfall of many of the earlier squirrel competitors! But not Skippy, who scaled it at an incredible pace! Upon reaching the top he slid down the backside and began the final--and most difficult-- portion of the course;  tunneling  through to the front of the drift!  Skippy again broke through the snow at the perfect spot, (top lt.) paws flying as he began his sprint toward the finish line, sensing, I'm sure, that he was close to setting a new Olympic Record! He sped across the finish line (top rt.), then anxiously awaited his score (bottom lt.).........A jubilant Skippy had done it--a new Olympic Record in Snow Tunneling, and a Gold Medal for the U.S. Squirrel Team! After the awards ceremony, he proudly and happily left the field wearing his gold medal!! What a day for Winter sports!! :))
A big thanks to dbifulco for her hosting of the AOG, and a very Happy Valentine's Day to you all! :))

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