Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

New coffee craze

I was reading an online article a few days ago about people having a selfie drawn on the top of their cappuccino's or lattes! Costa in the UK lead the way, and they have two machines in Dubai which can do the same; one of them, in a newly opened Drive-in which we pass on G's way to work.

Today, I decided we had to check it out. All you do is send the picture you want on your coffee by whats app to the barista, and hey-presto, he reproduces it in mono! I chose the logo for our new business. :)

Had to come home sooner than expected as G realised just how non-stop the pace has been. I am glad we decided against a trip to Muscat. It is a long drive and we haven't even started on some of the things we had earmarked to do.

And of course, it is Valentine's day. We watched a couple of Meg Ryan movies that a local movie channel scheduled. That was it really. Hope you've had a good day!

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