Zen dog

By VOC93


Have just got back to my room at uni...
One bad thing - there's a party just down the corridor and it's really noisy, and i want to go to sleep!
One good thing - who knew I was so tidy?! It was a lovely surprise when I walked into my room!!

I travelled on the Eurostar and changed trains at Paddington to go to St. Pancras on the underground and had to walk for ages which I wasn't expecting! (Didn't travel so light this time and bought all the necessities back with me - Divine chocolate, extra mature cheddar, PG tips etc etc...) Anyway, I couldn't find where to go to even get to the underground at first, as Paddington station's big and the tube I had to get on was not even underground, so no wonder I couldn't find it!

I've had a lovely week at home and its been very nice seeing Mum, Matt, Monty and Pepsi. I definitely think Mont will be glad to have a break from being dragged round the forest, bless him!

Mum and a friend always have a dog walk on Saturday mornings, and I gate crashed it today. Our friend has a very beautiful retriever called Quince, which mum has blipped before.

Really want to wish mum luck on her big cycle tomorrow - 50 miles is pretty long way!
Hopefully she will get to see Victoria Pendleton though!!!

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