Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Red letter day

Today has been absolutely beautiful again, so where, you might say, is the sun in this picture?  Well, behind the building, is the answer.  Winchester aggravates me, in that the Romans laid out the streets on a grid.  The narrow Hight Street runs east/west so most of the time and most of the year it sees no sun.  It's one of the reasons I do less street photography here than in London.  Still, no complaints, this lovely girl let me take her picture at the bus stop, and I've added a sunny crocus in Extras so you can see how beautiful it was.

Perhaps I should say here a Happy Chinese New Year to all blippers :))

AND I'm so excited, I've actually bought the second camera body I've been lusting for for ages.  This means no more endless changing of lenses, which drives me mad and fills the camera with dust  Hoo-bloomin-ray!!  And tomorrow is the weekend and the first time I'll run it through its paces.

Have a good one, dear peeps  xx

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