By ciorstain

Berlin, Berlin

First day in Berlin!
I had to work and went through a busy morning. I finally made it out around 2 pm and went to get some laces for my old docs, which broke last night.
Then I went into the Markethall to buy some food and sat down at the French to have one of their amazing galettes and a coffee.
When I was almost ready to go a guy appeared and sat beside me at the bar and we started chatting. He was out to promote historic Electric carriages in Berlin. Look up here to see what I am talking about. I do not know how to say it properly. We then talked about everything and anything and an hour later I really had to get back to work!
I rushed back home and continued with work until very late. The expected quiet phase during Chinese New Year is not really there this year.
I went out for a late night walk through the Kiez before I had some dinner and went to bed.

My photo is showing Georgios (or Jorgos) the interesting company I found during my lunch.

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