An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

And then there were eight...

Backblipped 18/02/18

We were expecting three for dinner (Kenny, Ele and Gail) but then another three turned up!

Ele and Kenny arrived and said my niece Jennifer and nephew Andrew and his girlfriend Nikki were also on their way and hoped I didn't mind.  Of course I didn't.  There is nothing I love more than impromptu get togethers and it's always a pleasure to see my lovely Jennifer, Andrew and Nikki.  

As I processed my feelings of joy at their unexpected visit, a wee thought in the back of my brain was wondering what I was going to give them to eat as Gail was supplying the main course (a delicious side of salmon cooked in an Thai inspired marinade with wild rice and stir fried veg) and the starter was fish based too (blinis with smoked salmon and prawn cocktail) none of which they will eat!  Eleanor must have heard my brain processing this and advised I needn't worry as they were bringing their own food!  Hahahaha...perfect guests!  

It was hilarious though as Andrew had steak pie and potatoes, Nikki had vegetable chilli and Jennifer had pasta.  I could hear David's mum's voice from the distant past, saying "there are two choices in this house for dinner.  Take it or leave it." :-)))

We had such fun and greta conversation round the table, I wanted to grab a snap of the moment.  Unfortunately Lola was sound asleep on the floor behind my chair so I couldn't move back any further so poor Andrew has been left out the snap.  

After dinner we moved to the sitting room (have hardly been in there since we built the extension) and and the laughter and chat continued into the wee small hours.  

Andrew, Nikki and Jennifer left and I think it was almost 2.30am before the rest of us we were in our beds.

A lovely evening.

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