No Records Have Been Broken Today . . .

Unfortunately one got its come-up-ance at some time in the past.
I had decided to do another macro for ‘TinyTuesday’, and thought of the patterns from a CD track.  Then I thought “How about the grooves in an LP”.  Then I spotted one of our racks of 78s and decided this was it.  Unfortunately the record I pulled out was ALREADY (honest) in two (or more – I haven’t checked yet) pieces!
Well I took a number (LARGE number) of different shots with different lighting including the broken bit and narrowed it down to four.  I could not decide between the blip, and the red light shot at extras, but the white light shot won, and all four are on Flickr.
Many thanks to Mindful_Life for hosting this TinyTuesday.  I hope this is sharp enough. (I could have used yesterday’s blip for this – can I add it . ? . ?

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