Dreaming of the Future

This is for Markus' Blending In challenge; interesting to compare with the high contrast one in the extras... same spot, same time, just different exposure. I do appreciate Markus' efforts to include us all in his passion to be a better photographer. Not the most important part of Blip for me, but definitely a part.

This street used to be the main road into Mourão, from the bridge across the river. After the Lake was flooded, a new bridge was built and the road to Spain now circumnavigates the town; this road now ends in the Lake. The petrol station closed down, the restaurants and bars also, and the tourist office left in a hidden square. The main source of employment, a paper factory, was flooded, many families left to find work; folk felt their town had died.

The question is, can Mourão recreate itself and recover, even thrive? We are counting on it, and we want to be part of it.

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