By Topsyturvy

Still cold

Had to take a car to be serviced and generally done over so had another trip into Church Stretton. This time our walk was pretty short as I'd forgotten to pack Poppydog's special boots and we didn't want Consequences. She managed to create little iceballs on her furry feet (very clever) but nothing else untoward. It's just not worth the hassle trying to do without them as her arthritis gets so sore.
Another day helping to gradually chip away at paperwork that LH has been avoiding. I just want things done, dusted, sorted, whatever the outcome. No point in being an ostrich really.
I've tentatively packed a case for our jaunt to Seville for a long weekend but I can't visualise what 15-17 deg feels like! And thundery showers. Is that like a noisy snowstorm and will I need a vest, mother?!

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