By iaint


A strange day.

I walked to work in the snow. 30 minutes (or thereby). It was -1⁰c at 08:30, but felt much colder in a strong east wind. Kirkcaldy faces east...

A school closure announcement had been made last night, so the roads were quiet.  One reason I walked is past experience of how people around here drive in this weather - many are so utterly clueless it’s dangerous. I saw one lunatic tailgating less than a car length behind at 30mph.

Work was chaotic again. So was lunch break - my preferred place was shut due to the weather, as were many others. I had a 15 minute walk in the wind and snow to find somewhere. It turned out to be well worth it.

About 2pm we got an email from Parliament about going home early because the weather was set to turn much worse. So, back up the snowy road at 3pm.


My porridge for breakfast. Ideal preparation for a walk in the snow.

Buying coffee, donuts, bacon rolls etc for my colleagues this morning (oh yes, another wee wander through the snow). Payday today, so it’s my treat.

My lunch. Hot soup and köfte.

My walks in the snow. It doesn’t happen often here.

Having 2 hours of extra “me” time today, with some enforced relaxation

Seeing the police out this morning hoovering up the homeless off the streets.

The Blip. Well, I can start to think about the weekend and be assured that gardening won’t be on the task list.

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