Home & Away

By HeidiAndDolly

My Big Return To Work....Not!!

After 4 months of being off work with a knee injury, today I was to head back into the friendly skies. My alarm went off at 4am and at 5am I was all ready and putting on my shoes to walk out the door and drive to the airport. Then the phone rang. Crew Scheduling was there to tell me that my flight was delayed 8 hours! My new report time was 330 this afternoon! Yikes! I checked our flight app and the aircraft was just about to leave Newark for London.

So, the PJs went back on and back to bed I went. Just before turning out the light I checked the app once more and this time it told me my flight was cancelled! A few minutes later Scheduling called again to tell me the same thing! Oh well - so much for my big return to work! I very much enjoyed another couple of hours sleep!

So here I am at the lake for my late afternoon walk - amazed that I am here and not in New Jersey! And very much enjoying this beautiful sunset!

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