Morning Surprise

The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is to look through the living room blinds to check on the birds. Today my initial reaction was "EXPLETIVE! There's snow on the mountains!"

Most of my shots were dark and gloomy because, well, it was dark and gloomy.  The mountains were shrouded in clouds. (Lower, more visible mtns shown here.) An hour later some of the clouds lifted and it was even more amazing and dramatic but I was driving with nowhere to stop.

Some people may be thinking 'big deal, snow' but it's always an exciting sight for us. This was the first snow on the Santa Rita mountains this winter - and very likely the last; a very cool way to end the month.     Spring is only days away in the Sonoran desert: only two of the next ten promise to be below 75°/24°.

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