The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

Defrost the car

This morning I had to defrost (dig out!) the car. It was completely covered in a few inches of snow then blocked in by more snow on the ground (this is my blip). The main reason for defrosting the car was to attempt a trip to Aldi. This was successful (except the delivery lorry that got stuck in the car park). My attempt to park the car was trouble as I had to ‘rock’ the car back and forth with the gears and gas (whilst turning into the space) to get the wheels out of the snow as this position was making the wheels spin and rev like mad. My trick worked and has done ever since I learned it in 2010! :-)

We then had to go and collect Christopher’s car as he had to abandon it an hours walk away on Wednesday afternoon. His car would have been a more sensible option for our shopping trip!

The remainder of the day has been spent drinking warm tea, blogging (not yet published) and preparing a list of things to take to an upcoming trip to Sheffield for a conference.

It has been a more restful day than yesterday I must admit that! :-)

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