Learning day by day

By EmmaF


Well it rained and rained today. It stopped almost all our plans. The queue for the Cabinet war rooms was over 30mins (in the rain) so Carys vetoed that. We headed to S. Kensington with the whole of London it seemed. They were queueing to get into the V&A so we called a day on it and headed back to our Costa hide out in Covent Garden. 

The day was saved by the fact that we were going to the Royal Opera House to see Giselle. We had amphitheatre seats right at the back, but C was looking forward to it even though Steven McRae was injured and no longer dancing. However, due to ill health someone we know (ST) was unable to attend and gifted  Carys her tickets (Row 9 of the stalls)! Oh my goodness, the seats were amazing. Carys almost cried "because Mummy I can see their faces!". It was incredible and it must be repeated at some point but we will have to save up for it as we could sit in the amphitheatre 6x for one of those tickets!

As always now it seems, Carys waited at the stage door. She was well rewarded for her patience as she managed to have a chat with Kevin O'Hare who asked her if it was her first time seeing Giselle and how special it was for her to see it for the first time while watching Benjamin Ella debut as Albrecht. Alexander Campbell chatted to her and was extremely lovely when she asked for another photo because the one we took after Nutcracker was blurred. She got so many autographs and was also rewarded with a photo with Benjamin Ella and this one of Akane Takada, principal ballerina, who played Giselle. I can't thank ST enough for thinking of us when she was too ill to attend, we both had an amazing evening.

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