Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

And sew it goes...

Another Tiny Adventure today...Ludwilla was wandering around and not paying any attention to her surroundings.  She suddenly found herself atop a spindle, unable to get down.  Phone calls were made, paparazzi and rescue teams were dispatched.  The Tiny Climbers got to work immediately, calming Ludwilla; while our Intrepid Photographers, Beauregard and Daphne, captured all the images for the evening edition of the Tiny Times.  And sew it goes...

The sewing machine, btw, was MIL's fathers (he was a tailor) and I've put a quick shot of it in Extra.

The humans, meanwhile, took two unhappy felines (singing in two-part harmony) to the vet this morning for annual shots and check ups.  All were happy to return home; although Charlie will need to go back for a dental cleaning.

Meanwhile, we are all bracing for what looks like a potentially very bad storm.  Current weather models show 12-18 inches of wet snow, and wind gusts 30-40 MPH.  Meanwhile, over 10,000 households in the county were still without power last night.  Crews from adjacent states are here and all are expecting further downed trees and powerlines leading to outages and road closures.  

In an effort to be proactive, I filled the large tub in our bathroom last night with about six inches or so of water.  Into which Charlie promptly fell.  A massive scrambling followed by a ginger streak strewing water in all directions as he ran through our bedroom.  Quite a bit of excitement at a time when we were just settling down to sleep.  

I hope to have power to view all the TinyTuesday entries.  My plan is to award hearts and honorable mentions on Thursday, but that will be depenant on whether we have electricity.  Stay tuned!


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