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By Sheol

Mrs C

Wild Wednesday: Mrs Chaffinch

Its officially Spring - I have been out on the motorbike for a proper ride for the first time this year. It was sunny and relatively mild - and a delight to be back on two wheels.  Interestingly a number of roads that would normally feature were off limits - still blocked by snow.  The bike has now been carefully cleaned, so as to (hopefully) remove all the road salt.  

I thought that I would have a go at Cailleach's Wild Wednesday challenge this week for a change as I've not given it a go for a while.  However, it has been one of those frustrating days on the photography front.  I spotted a long tailed tit in the garden earlier today, but despite my vigilance, it didn't make a re-appearance once I had the camera to hand.  I have this sneaking suspicion that it was parading around the front garden while I looked at the back and vice versa, chortling to itself in a chirrupy sort of a way.  

So instead, here is a shot of a solitary female chaffinch taken later in the day once the sun was getting lower. I've added a similar shot of a pied wagtail as an extra, as I very nearly featured that one instead.

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