Walking the dog

Up at 5.15am today, we had a 10 hour round trip to Sligo for Anthony's funeral. My brother-in-law's dad, he was almost 94 and had led a full life. A republican, an Irish speaker, a deep lover of traditional music. Some of the service was in Irish and the local branch of Comhaltas played music in the church and his granddaughter and a friend continued in the hotel later. A film crew filmed the funeral, as the local undertaker (also the man behind this ) was having a documentary done on him on how funerals are done in Ireland to be shown to other funeral directors in foreign parts..as you do.
We had a short walk around the town of Enniscrone before we headed back. I've added a small set of some of the eccentric buildings and of the stunning beach. A tiring but interesting day.
After the funeral

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