The snow came back...

... falling thick and fast for three hours. Since then the sun has been out and has virtually melted all the snow again.

Whilst there was a covering of snow, I headed out across The Stray to attempt one of my Then and Now blips.

This is known as Tewit Well (pronounced as if you were talking to a child who was eating food too fast ('Chew it well!).

The domed structure covers the first of the wells which made Harrogate famous as a spa. This Chalybeate Spring was discovered in 1571. The present cover was designed by Thomas Chippindale and built in 1807-8. It was actually used to cover a sulphur well in the lower part of town for 34 years before being moved to its present position.

We were working on this photo in the library earlier this week and spotted that at some time, the gaps between the pillars had been filled in. So it seemed like a suitable subject for comparison shots. We have no date for the 'Then' image but several trees have grown up surrounding the well, making it a bit tricky to position the 'Now' shot.

Another obstacle I encountered (see the extra) was a lady standing in shot, in falling snow; you won't be surprised to see her tapping on a mobile phone.

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