By Woodhouse

Firemen Cutting off My Wedding Ring

I'm a Big Dummy.  Yesterday morning, I fell on our patio, bending my ring-finger back.  Ouch.  There was a little swelling of the knuckle.  At that point, I SHOULD have taken off my wedding ring, but didn't.  The swelling continued until my ring was cutting off circulation to the finger, so I had to have it cut off.  I called a local jewelers supply place and learned that the Fire Department will do that free.  So I went to Station #7 where half a dozen firemen took turns trying to cut the ring off my finger.  Much pain, but no joy -- we wore out two ring-cutters trying.  Finally, I want to a local jewelry shop where a jeweler cut it off with an electric "Dremel Tool."  More pain, but finally, success. 
The moral of the story is that is you injure your ring-finger, remove your wedding ring immediately.  

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