By Yorkshirebred

Here we go again!

Woke at 5am to a light covering of snow - snooze button pressed and woke at 6am to a blizzard!  Dressed and out quickly - roads were mayhem and quickly became gridlocked throughout the city. A journey which normally takes 30 minutes took 3 hours, and there were points at which I didn't think I would get up some of the hills as ice had formed under the snow.  I was actually talking to my car and praising it when it made it up the next incline!  Walking from the car park with a colleague, a car came flying down the access road like a lunatic, windows open, music blaring - I commented to my colleague that he should slow down, and he slammed on his brakes, reversed up to us and jumped out of the car ranting and raving!  He got back in the car and reversed right up to  us, then screamed that if we touched his car again he would splatter us across his windscreen! He then set off again and drove sideways to hit me with his wing mirror, and then screamed at all the onlookers who were just staring at him! Madness - wonder what he had taken with his breakfast?!  After all the chaos most of the snow had disappeared by mid-afternoon!

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