Plus ça change...

By SooB

Chops and swords

Busiest day.

It started fine: couple of bits of work finished and sent off before 9, but then I had to go to Leroy Merlin. It's a DIY store where the concept of 'customer service' is unknown. Sadly I was sucked in by the promise that all the fencing gear I needed was in stock... Of course when I arrived at the appointment time to collect my pre-packed trolley of stuff... some things were out of stock. Weirdly, when I finally tracked down a person on the shop floor, the missing items were in stock. There was then an infuriating fifteen minute trolley swapping incident, but finally it was all in the car.

Trouble is, I was 45 minutes from home, with a 12 noon phone meeting and it was 11.20.... Somehow the ever fabulous google maps (and some Toyota va-va-voom) got me home just in time.

From there the day continued to not stop, and a series of kid collecting, shopping, work, basketballing and baking had me busy right up to the second (actually ten minutes after the second) that I was due to leave to have dinner with some pals.

And relax.

Some gossip, some serious talk, some humungous prawns, a glass of wine and my shoulders dropped about three inches.

Then off to collect various boys from the lotto, quick chat with some pals (cue lots of shushing), and home to catch up with Mr B who - recently arrived from London - was playing Internet scrabble with TallGirl (they were both in the same room).

The night ended up being too late...

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