The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

The first tears but not the last...

Today my Nana visited the hospital for her tests. We do not yet know what is wrong but we are hoping the news is not as bad as what we think. Only time will tell...
Her visit made me think of the special times we have had and brought me to this photo. This is the first moment I cried at my wedding and my nana was there to comfort us all when I did. On a more personal note, never let your Granda tell you how 'lovely' you look on your wedding day. I was fine until then!

The rest of the day has been a little odd. Firstly I received an unexpected email from a person at work. This was unexpected because: (1) this email shows that this person is looking out for me and; (2) the contents of the email were spot on for me; (3) the email demonstrated that this person has listened to what I have said, accepted it and supported me in this decision. 

I then took part in an eye-tracking experiment. The experiment itself was great, but when it came to explaining reasons for my choices I did not have the heart to tell the researcher that I had actually researched that particular area in the past (sort of) and knew what results they were going to expect to get - oops!

Next I had the unexpected arrival of my sister at my flat. She has decided to worry over a presentation she has to give next week so we spent some of the afternoon going through the contents of the presentation and whether it actually answered the question that it was designed to (I also made us a curry and sent the leftovers home with my sister!).

The rest of my day has been spent making edits to my conference paper after receiving feedback this morning. The feedback is constructive (and spot on... and welcomed) but is going to take some work which will involve me, my desktop computer and plenty of tea (as coffee and alcohol are not allowed at the moment!). I made a start to the edits today but it will be at least Tuesday next week before my paper looks like anything that is decent enough to submit. 

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