Richie Boo

By RichieBoo

Back Out! (In the rain!!)

Today in the gallery, I took in a framed print on canvas (one of my earlier blips) and even if I am bias - it looks pretty amazing! :)

After dinner I decided despite of the rain to venture out!  I've always shied away from doing night photography when its raining as I really didn't fancy the idea of getting equipment wet. Tonight that changed. 

We had ourselves a wee run out to Durham.  The above shot is the main street from the market place leading down to the river.

I can now see me venturing out a bit more on wet nights ;-)

Keep well & safe   "Carry on Blipping!" :))

Ps.  First time I've been out at night in the wet with spectacles too, shambles! lol - Need wipers on them. 

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