Picture this..

By northernlass261

Roll Call

A bright sunny morning gave way to cloud, wind and then rain.   Clearing now but still windy.

A few jobs to do around the resort and the intention to watch the start of the Rollerblade Marathon.   We were there for 10.30 to discover that the entrants were not picking up their Chip until 11.00 so off we went out of the wind for a coffee, having set off in light clothing.

Went back home for warmer clothes, Alan staying in whilst I ventured back.   I did manage some photos (this team were getting a photo taken) but still by 12.30 no sign of anything much happening.   I don't know what time it was supposed to start and I wasn't hanging about in the cold.

Later, walking Holly, there were still some entrants hanging about and getting ready, so goodness knows what time it started.   

I think there are more races tomorrow, so better luck then. 

Going out to the local Irish Bar for a Guiness or two - it's Alan's birthday!

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