Oxford Lights

A cold but interesting day in Oxford with a group from Buckingham Camera Club. One member had organised a Harry Potter themed tour lead by one of the official guides.  The pace was fast with hardly any time for photography and the guide did say more than once that we should be regarding the walk as a reconnaissance event and go back later for the photography.... I thought she was being ridiculously optimistic in taking 10 photographers round a city like Oxford and not expecting anyone to lift a camera to their eye!!

Spurred on by a friend from yesterday in London, I dug out a Pansonic G5 I bought several years ago but had not used very much - it was surprisingly good so I will recharge all the batteries fully and re-learn how to use it other than on automatic - as it's mirrorless and light as well as silent it might come in handy, especially for those times when a shutter click is not wanted!

The blip is from a stair-well in one of the many colleges we were able to poke our lenses into plus an extra of some red bikes I noticed before a cyclist with a red jacket fortuitously appeared

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