WildWednesday103: Gray Ghost

Being more than over sitting in the house, this morning I bundled up and went out to sit on the back patio. The yard was unusually quiet. Not a bird to be seen nor heard. I started looking around for a hawk, owl or snake. Usually when it's unnaturally quiet, it's because a predator is near. Sure enough this beauty swooped in and landed on a pine limb about 20' above me. I believe that she's a Northern Harrier, or Marsh Hawk. Not a bird that we often see here in the neighborhood. All of the photos in my field guides show them with yellow eyes but I did some investigating and found that especially the female's eyes can change color from brown to yellow as they mature. Maybe that's what's happening with this one. Sure was a beautiful bird! ***Update: 'Kimb' suggests that this might be a Cooper's Hawk. And she might be correct. My Guides list them as 'uncommon' in our area but... I'll try to get better shots of this hawk, perhaps in flight would help.
 Yesterday I got my first photos of a Ruby-throated Hummingbird this season! He was enjoying the Bottle Brush blooms. I was so excited that I had a difficult time holding the camera still to take the shot!  I posted it on FB but wanted to also share it with y'all! :) Thanks to Cailleach for hosting WildWednesday! ***Update...Debbi says that this may be a Sharp-shinned Hawk. I haven't seen it yet today, I'm still gonna try for an 'inflight' capture! 

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